Death and Wren

Death and Wren

I just wanted to thank the people who’ve reached out to me recently to ask about Death and Wren. I’ve been slow with this because I (and my extended family) have had some issues with covid, unfortunately, but I am still working on the next book. The working title is Death and His Lady Fair and I’m sending him undercover at a renaissance festival while Wren spends the winter trying to figure out a mystery involving an abandoned house near their new home.

If you missed my earlier post or hadn’t heard, the reason the series (and a lot of other great series) are no longer in print is because the parent company that owned the Midnight Ink imprint closed it down. (I emailed my agent, “OMG! I killed Midnight Ink!” I was kind of expecting her to answer something like, “business decisions are made for a lot of different reasons” or “I’m sure it wasn’t just you.” Instead she replied, “yeah, I saw that!” ?)

Anyway… once book five is finished we’re going to look for a new home for the entire series. If we don’t find one, I will re-release them myself, in print and ebook format. One way or another, there WILL be more books.

Also, as of yesterday, book six has a very basic outline and a working title. It’s Death and the Lady in White.

Thanks again for asking and everyone have a great day!

(The picture is one I took on my way home from the store last evening. The circle is just to point out that the trees form a heart.)

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  1. I’ll stay connected with you here too. I’m an avid reader. Keep me posted.

  2. Speaking as a reader/reviewer/ex-bookshop owner, Midnight Ink’s demise was a HUGE loss. Fie on Llewellyn…and fingers crossed you find a great publisher!

  3. Thank God you’re okay! I’m so sorry to hear about your family’s Covid illnesses. I hope that everyone is recovering well. I’m very happy to hear that you are continuing your “Auction Block” mysteries. I was able to get the first three books from Los Angeles County Library and, when I couldn’t find the fourth book in ebook format, I ordered “Death and the Vikings Daughter” from an online used book store. THAT’S how determined I was to read every word you’ve written!
    I’m so glad to hear that you are continuing the series – I was very worried and you are so very talented! I may just have a try at narrating it for you if you don’t already have someone in mind and I’m actually any good at it. May I recommend Amanda Ronconi as a possible narrator? She’s simply wonderful!
    Anyway, I look forward to your next book and hope you and your family stay well and happy. Your fans need you. You give us a boost when we need it and help us navigate through life’s difficulties when we need it. Thank you so much!
    Jane Leslie

    1. Hi! Thank you so much! You are so kind!I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your encouragement right now. ? It has been a difficult couple of years, hasn’t it? We’ll have to get through it together I guess.

  4. I hope you and family are doing well. My family so far has had mild cases of Covid. I am glad to here more Wren and Death are coming. I really enjoy your story telling. The series are rereads for me.

  5. Hello Loretta. I am the daughter of Ron Davis. He wants you to have his phone number so you two can text and call each other. E-mail me and I will give you his number.

  6. Having originally read the Auction Block series when published and finding out the publisher was no more and therefore no more adventures with Death and Wren the disapointment was deeply felt.
    Well after a couple of years of personal loss and illness this year I decided to revist some favourite book and the first series i’m rereading is Auction Block. As i’m halfway through the Readheaded woman once again i’m feeling sad that no more stories have been forthcoming. But whilst googling your name in the vain hope that perhaps there maybe some hope i have come across this site and the wonderful news that you are still writing about Death and Wren. I’m so looking forward to the new book(s). Thank you. Stay safe and keep well. Love from England