A Post I Hate To Write

A Post I Hate To Write

When I signed with Janet Reid more than a decade ago one of the perks was acquiring a new family of “agent siblings”– other writers she also represented. I found them to be, without exception, intelligent, funny, kind people. It has been an honor and a delight knowing each of them.

One of these agent-sisters was a half-wild cowgirl named Kari Lynn Dell. She was a romance writer, a rancher, a rodeo rider, and one of the most entertaining bloggers you’d ever hope to read.

In her blog, Montana For Real, she shared with us her stories of beautiful, bitter winters, newborn calves, recalcitrant mustangs, rodeo adventures and escapades involving bull semen.

Today her family shared the sad news that cancer has taken her. Kari was a wife and mother, a sister, daughter, writer, rancher, and rodeo rider. And she was a friend.

She will be missed.

Kari Lynn Dell

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  1. Sis, I am so sorry and wish I could take away this pain. You know kiss the boo boo, slay the monster that hurt you or tell a joke to make you laugh again. Unfortunately, we both got older and the pains have gotten harde, but know I love you the same. God bless you and Kari Lynns’ family and friends! ???