Who vs. Whom

Who vs. Whom

Last night I read an entertaining book of true ghost stories. It would have been even better if the author’s grammar had been better. One issue he had was confusing who and whom. I have a trick for that so I thought I’d share it for anyone who’s interested.

The difference between who and whom is the same as the difference between he and him (or she and her). To determine whether you need who or whom, just substitute he/ him into the sentence. If you would use he, use who. If you would use him, use whom.

For example:

It was the man who/ whom called the library. >>>He/ him called the library. >>>He called the library. >>>It was the man who called the library.

They gave it to who/ whom? >>>They gave it to he/ him. >>>They gave it to him. >>>They gave it to whom?


5 Replies to “Who vs. Whom”

  1. Isn’t language amazing! Especially English — American or otherwise. My two personal ‘oh, no’ pairs are prone/supine and that/which. Have you read Dreyer’s English? Or better yet, listened to it? It’s a hoot.