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  1. Carol Probst

    I read your book and really enjoyed it, can’t wait for the next one. I am a very avid reader of mystery books. Good fortune to you.

  2. Val cassidy

    A thoroughly enjoyable book, smart, funny, and charming. The best first line of a book I’ve seen in years. Innuendo, 200 year old porn, and a special gift from gravity, what’s not to love about it. I’m looking forward to more stories from Wren and Death!

  3. Hi, Carol and Val!
    Sorry it’s taken me so long to reply! I have about a million things going on at once and I tend to forget to check my website as often as I could.

    Thank you both for the kind comments. I’m glad you enjoyed the book and it’s sweet of both of you to take the time to contact me. Have a great day!

    Loretta 🙂

  4. I’ve enjoyed both books thanks to Netgalley . I started reading them and couldn’t put them down. We have book one Death and the Redheaded Woman and I just recommend Death and the Brewmaster’s Widow to order for our library system. I can’t wait for book three especially after reading the end of book two. You have a terrific series and can’t what to see what Wren and Death get into next since (Redacted by Loretta :)). Congratulations on this amazing series

    • Hi! Thank you so much! Sorry it’s taken me so long to answer you. I lost my password for my site. :-/ I hope you don’t mind, I redacted a little bit of your comment because I didn’t want anyone who hadn’t read the book yet to see a spoiler. 🙂

      Thank you again and have a great day! 🙂

  5. jordana gerlach

    Hi, I am an audible listener and I have your book in this series. I was hoping to get the next in the series in audible but it doesn’t say anywhere if it’s going to be audible. So I am writing to find out if it is going to the audible and when it’s going to be available. I was wondering if the rest of the series will be audible as well? Thank you

    • Hi, Sorry it’s taken me so long to answer. (I forgot my password for my own website!) Death and the Brewmaster’s Widow is going to be available as an audiobook from Audible. I don’t know when it will be released, but Amanda Ronconi (the narrator) was working on it a couple of weeks ago, so I shouldn’t think it would be too long. Thanks for asking! 🙂

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