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Month: May 2014

Inside FPLM Part 3 (because no one’s smacked me yet)

Of course, there’s a lot that goes on inside FPLM.  Here’s Janet chasing down a deal.

buy advair diskus followingshark

An internship at FPLM is very prestigious, which is why competition is so fierce.


And here we see the tail end of a release party.


Unfortunately, that’s the last picture I have from inside FPLM.  The NSA’s secret spy camera was (perhaps unwisely) hidden in a bottle of scotch.  On the bright side, someone has a very healthy colon and it seems there really are giant alligators in the NYC sewer system.


Inside FPLM Pt.2

Venturing further into FPLM, you might meet up with the cleaning staff, such as this maid:

cleaning staff

or this window washer:

window washer

It’s a little-known fact that Peter Rubie is an exotic fish enthusiast.  Check out his aquarium!


Oh! And here’s a glimpse of one of Janet’s liquor cabinets!

liquor cabinet

Inside Fine Print Literary Management pt. 1

As we all know, our dear Shark, Janet Reid, and her coworkers tend to be coy about the details of their business.  However, it just so happens that I have an old friend with the NSA who slipped me some top-secret surveillance photos of life inside FPLM.  I thought now would be as good a time as any to share them with you.

As you can see in this first photo, FPLM is located in an older building, quaint and unpretentious.



They do have a uniformed doorman …


and, of course, excellent security.


The entryway opens into this lovely atrium:


And there’s even a special elevator for uninvited guests who stop by to pitch their 200,000-word fiction novels.


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